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Verdea captures an intimate community embraced by green, highlighting the warmth and dynamism of verdant spaces.  Spanning close to 25 hectares within an emerging Ayala Land estate, it's the quintessential suburban living experience in the South.

VERDEA - Clubhouse Aerial View  (Artist_s Perspective)_edited.jpg


Caleia in Vermosa is a vibrant residential community nestled within the heart of the Vermosa Estate, offering a harmonious blend of modern living and natural serenity. With its lush landscapes, thoughtfully designed spaces, and an array of amenities, Caleia presents an idyllic sanctuary where residents can escape the hustle and bustle of city life while enjoying the convenience of urban connectivity.



This 50-hectare prime hillside development elevates the ease of modern suburban lifestyles. With a dynamic mix of land uses, it will feature an upscale commercial district with retail and recreational centers, prime residential developments, church and civic areas. 

HILLSIDE RIDGE - Clubhouse Amenity (Artist's Perspective) (4).jpg


South Palmgrove derived from groves of palm trees that create a landscape of cool greens enveloping an intimate community in the south gently swaying to the breeze, they express the essence of modern leisurely living

SOUTH PALMGROVE - Pool Area (Artist_s Perspective).jpg


A community of everyday pursuits, Mondia NUVALI by Alveo Land presents contemporary lifestyles with infinite opportunities for dynamic living. It’s a thriving community for modern families who wish to enjoy living in a self-sustaining community and neighborhood. 



A site driven by green spaces, carefully mastered with nature. Main idea is to work with what you have, providing only minimal development costs and promoting tight knit living that highly incorporates sustainability

VERSALA - Clubhouse Entrance (Artist's P
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